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Last year President Obama declared January as “Human Trafficking Prevention Month.”

If you are unfamiliar with the seriousness of human trafficking globally, you should definitely be aware and share that information with the young adults you lead!

• There are more people in slavery today than any other time in history.
• Human trafficking makes more money than Google, Nike, and Starbucks combined, and eight times the amount of the annual UN budget.
• Human trafficking has now surpassed the drug trafficking and the illegal arms trade as the highest grossing criminal industry in the world.
• Today, the average price of an individual slave is $90.

If you are unfamiliar with the seriousness of human trafficking in the U.S., I would encourage any Christian leader to familiarize yourself and your church with the issue.

• Currently, the U.S. is the 2nd highest destination for trafficked women.
• Sex trafficking has been reported in all 50 states
• Between 18,000 and 20,000 victims are trafficked into the U.S. annually
• The average age of entry into pornography and prostitution is 13.
• There are an estimated 300,000 children involved in sex trafficking

The more we learn of the reality of trafficking human beings, the more we realize the Church has the greatest opportunity to be on the forefront of a new abolition movement. God’s people have always been on the forefront of stopping slavery and other human injustices; whether you’re talking about Moses, Jesus, or William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King Jr. The Church is everywhere! We have the greatest measure of influence because we are in every city, every state, every country! Who better to pray and do something about human trafficking?

I would encourage every young adult ministry to capitalize on the fact that young adults are eager to see Jesus lived out in real life. We don’t tend to speak in generalities or catch phrases. Young adults will labor in prayer over issues of injustice, but they are also daring enough to put their actions and their full passion behind a cause that stands for human rights and the realization of Christian virtue in the here and now! Teach your people about this issue. Raise awareness. Plan trips. Watch films. Google it and see what God will do to transform the spiritual DNA of your ministry.

For more information and causes to support visit http://www.free-international.org http://www.notforsalecampaign.org and http://www.projectrescue.com


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